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New Business Formation

Get Professional Startup Help in Irvine

start up services in IrvineStarting a business is a rewarding endeavor but can be challenging without the necessary support. There are so many factors to consider and numerous decisions to make. Although getting started is exciting, the entire process requires ample resources, time, and work.

No matter the challenges and responsibilities ahead, our team at WZWLH LLP OC Tax & Accounting can guide you each step of the way to make the entire process easier, faster, and budget friendly. We are experienced in everything you need to start and run a business successfully. Our startup accountants will help you choose the perfect business entity, create accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll systems, do market research, and make the best business decision.

Our team prides itself on having gained extensive knowledge and skills from working with different businesses entities and navigating the complexities of each. With a deep understanding of new technologies, trends, and business challenges, we use the full extent of our resources to work for you. If you're looking for startup assistance in Irvine, let us help put you on the road to sustained success. Schedule your free consultation today.

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Excellent Legal Business Formation Assistance

The business entity you choose will determine the amount of your taxes and your liability exposure. Our team assists you in determining which structure offers the best tax advantages and is beneficial for your business goals. When making the decision, we will consider:

  • Tax advantages and obligations
  • Personal assets and liabilities from your business
  • Cost of running and maintaining operations
  • Ability to offer shares to crucial staff
  • Ability to attract investors

There are a variety of business entities to choose from. They include sole proprietorship, C-corporation, partnership, limited liability company, and S-Corporation. After deciding on the entity to pick, we will guide you through the registration process. Our Irvine startup team will help prepare the necessary documents to submit as per the local, state, and federal business and tax laws.

Implementing Efficient Accounting and Bookkeeping Systems

Every business needs efficient startup accounting and bookkeeping systems to keep finances in check. Accounting enables you to track your expenses and sources of income so you can make informed decisions based on your financial data.

Additionally, a good bookkeeping and accounting system makes tax filing less time-consuming and more manageable because everything is organized and right at your fingertips. Our Irvine accounting team helps you stay organized and manage your money well. It's also easier to obtain funding for your new business from potential lenders with accurate and detailed financial records.

Getting You the Help You Need

Irvine business owner looking for start up helpThere is a lot of moving parts in beginning your own business. From insurance companies to lawyers and investors, our team has a network of professionals that we leverage on your behalf or connect you with. We want you to begin your new endeavor with all the resources you need to be successful. You can count on us to provide the connections you need to navigate even the most challenging situations with ease.

Exceptional Cost Reduction

Investing in our services will reduce the cost of starting, running, and growing your business. All our strategies and systems focus on preparing you for and increasing your sustainable growth and profitability.

For example, our Irvine startup CPAs will help you understand sales tax. We will ensure that your business stays compliant with all government tax laws, including sales tax laws across different states. With our tax consulting services, you won't have to worry about fines and penalties that may cost your business money.

Establish a Reliable Payroll System

Every business with employees needs an efficient payroll system. Hiring a full-time employee to handle Irvine payroll can be expensive. Our team uses QuickBooks® to managing your business' payroll and will successfully integrate it into your company if needed. We can train your staff how to effectively run your payroll, or we can handle everything from top to bottom. Our tax team will also inform you of the changing tax laws and how they apply to your business.

Strategic Startup CPA Planning

We will help you create a road map through strategic planning. Our team refines your strategies and ideas to come up with an effective business plan. We provide honest opinions, independent analysis, and research. With the collected information, we help develop business strategies and models that set you up for long-term success.

Our team will help you analyze your industry by determining the industry's size, the leading companies, and the number of players. Additionally, if you plan to expand your business into other states, our team has the skills to offer startup help wherever you need it.

Professional Irvine Startup Help

At WZWLH LLP OC Tax & Accounting, we are excited to guide you as you start your new business. We will review your business plan, give advice, help you stay organized, and keep you tax compliant. If you're looking for startup help in Irvine, let us put our extensive knowledge and expertise to work for you. Contact us today for your free consultation!

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